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Last artwork for Zeta

my personal fan artwork i've made with Safron (from One Step From Eden) and Zeta (from Zeta Wave Infinity)

Amazing girls :-D

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New Release 3.0.2, enjoy with Zeta and Omega and have fun with Zeta Wave Infinity.

Fight for the best player in top ten!

Hi everyone, i've release the full version of the game Zeta Wave Infinity, the game is free, but if you want you can support me and the game with 3,00 USD.

If you support the game i've in plain to release some dlc with new outfit, new enemyes, new powerful weapon and new boss fight.

I hope like the game and enjoy for the best player on leader board on line.

thanks for playing :-)

I was happy to give this a play, found a fair amount of bugs but for a demo I was pleased so far, look forward to the finished product.  Don't forget Gamejolt too ;)

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

thanks for have playing , if you use keyboard for missiles and Zeta Bomb you must press numpad 0 and numpad 1 on keypad.

If you use the joypad , press right back button for missiles and confirm button for bomb

I did try that but nothing happened.  My controls for movement also sometimes froze and on occasion they would invert which was odd.  Towards the end during my summery I could continue to get a score, I think things were hitting me in the background.  A few others too but I wait for the next version.

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ok, thank you for your feedback , i've test the game with nocom joypad xbox 360 compatible.

can you tell me a brand joypad you used? i' try fix it